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"Impossible is a big word thrown 

around by small men who find it

easier to live in the world they've

been given than explore the power

they've been given to change it."

Brandon was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and graduated from Penn State University with e Communications degree. started off his career in Software as a Service (SaaS) before transitioning to management consulting. After leaving consulting he transitioned his career to Healthcare Management and fast-tracked to become an Corporate Executive by the age of 30.


Simultaneously, Brandon started his first business in the Network Marketing industry. He built the largest Amway / LTD business in the entire Pittsburgh area at the time. He coached and mentored well over 250 Amway / LTD Business Owners in over a decade in business. Brandon’s business was in the top 1% of all Amway Business Owners in North America, and has been asked to speak at dozens of conferences and events around the country, as well as lead the local Pittsburgh chapter.


Brandon’s next venture was real estate. He started with a few cash fix & flip and fix & rent deals to build a small portfolio of properties by 31 years old. Brandon has since launched multiple companies, including Prosper Firm, Prosper Holdings, and Infinite Growth Partners. A serial entrepreneur who has a passion for people. Brandon loves coaching and mentoring individuals to become the best version of themselves possible, and is known for being a critical thinker and master problem solver. His hobbies include traveling, golfing, reading, and investing time into building the future. 

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